Dear friends of lifting technology,

I have long been concerned about the desire to provide a platform for load handling persons, security engineers and design engineers, which answers the question of lifting technology in a manufacturer-neutral way.

On many manufacturers and dealers pages you will find interesting information and hints. But I have not found the complete package yet.

Armin Lehmann vor Ort

Allow me a short introduction.

My name is Armin Lehmann.

Since 1979 I have been working in the industry of manufacture, distribution and testing of slings and lifting gear. Over the years, crane construction and crane testing were added.

Due to the daily exchange with customers, suppliers, users and recognized experts, I was fortunate enough to get a lot of information about the topic from different perspectives. Above all, the user is interested in how he finds the suitable product and then uses it safely. The manufacturer is concerned with how he can bring the product on the market cost-effectively in at least standard-compliant quality. The expert e.g. The professional association is concerned about how to minimize the risk of accident when handling the product. The combination of these perspectives results in the complex overall picture.

Also helpful was the participation in the standards committee on the occasion of the harmonization (transition from DIN to EN) over several years as well as numerous training measures for hitters, crane operators as participant and speaker.

The content of the products is about: Definitions, information on materials and manufacturing processes, instructions for safe use. The applied standards are also shown. Of course there is also information on the obligation to examine. In some areas, I also go a bit into the historical development of the products.

In the general technical field, technical terms such as e.g. WLL, SWL, roping factor etc. explained. In addition, the most important materials are presented with their physical and chemical properties.

Most questions are not asked for the first time. Therefore, I hope to be able to answer a large number already with this web offer.

If this does not succeed, I am pleased about the specific question in the blog.


I hope you enjoy browsing.

      Armin Lehmann